Nature Activities in the surroundings of Hotel Restaurant Rural Caseta Nova 

In the Valley of Castalla or Toy Valley, you can find hiking trails for walking family with your children or your friends, hiking mountain trails, trekking routes for walking quiet, rugged trails perfect for mountain hiking, long-distance trips or short drive, etc..
Enjoy nature in its living state, an ideal environment to relax in
Hotel Rural Caseta Nova.

Meet our environment at Hotel Rural, you can enjoy all the routes and activities offered by this environment in the towns of Castalla, Ibi, Onil, Tibi, Etc.

We can advise on what the best trekking route or activity that suits you or your family and prepare for the next weekend, from our Hotel we help you providing you all the technical advice and information necessary trips, lunch and equipment for the activity and the chance to accompany a qualified technician if they see fit.

Small travel routes PR-V 
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Small travel routes trekking PR-V  ( PDF Files) 

In Xorret Recreational Area Catí - General map of the Area (PDF file)

PRV-28 Xorret de Catí-Cumbre Despeñador
PRV-29 Xorret de Catí-Cumbre del Cid

PRV-30 Xorret de Catí-Rasos de Catí

PRV-31 Xorret de Catí- Xorret de Catí

PRV-32 Xorret de Catí-Crestería del Fraile

PRV-33 Xorret de Catí-Rincón Bello

PRV-34 Xorret de Catí- Ermita de Catí-Pantanet-Catí

PRV-141 Xorret de Catí-Casa Tápena

PRV-143 Xorret de Catí-L'Alvaiol

PRV- 81 Vuelta a la Hoya por el Menejador

PR-V 82
Ibi - Alto de la Martina - Ibi 
PRV- 83 Ibi - Penya Migjorn- Tibi - Ibi  

PRV- 84 Tibi - El Maigmo - Les Planisses  

PRV- 85 Castalla-Planisses.

PRV- 86 Castalla - la Replana - Castalla 

PRV- 87 Onil - El Revolcador - Castalla 

PRV- 88 Onil - El Reconco - Onil 

PRV- 89 Onil - Alto de la Barcella - Onil  

PRV- 90 Fonteta de Soriano - Onil - Banyeres de Mariola 

Greenway "Vía Verde" Maigmo

 This Greenway, managed by the Department of Environment of the Provincial Council of Alicante, on a journey of ascent to the port of Maigmó for changing journey that moves between the cultivated plain Agost depression and Mediterranean forest landscapes of Maigmó saw covered with pine and pierced by dramatic ravines and gullies. The slope of the route is 440 meters, between 220 m and 660 m Agost Port of Maigmó. Before starting the route, we can only advise lead in the saddlebag or backpack water, sun protection items like sunscreen and hats, and flashlight.

Info on Greenway "Vía Verde" Maigmo, Links, maps,etc... 

More information: 

Cartography Trail

Long Distance Path GR-7


The path of Great Route GR-7, European E-4, comes from the Peloponnese (in the heart of Greece), taking its beginning in the temple of Delphi. With a little over 6,000 km. long, crosses the Mediterranean through Bulgaria, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Italy, France and Andorra. Once saved the Pyrenees mountain range runs along the Spanish communities of the Mediterranean to Gibraltar.In the province of Alicante passes through the region of l'Alcoià, the Hoya de Castalla Vinalopó Alto, Middle Vinalopó Vinalopó Valleys and the municipalities of Alcoy, Onil, Castalla, Elda, Elda, Monovar and Pinoso. This is the last village of Valencia said in charting the path, then moving to the Community of Murcia.

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